VCSA 6.5u1 Ad integrated Identity Source automation

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Unfortunately there isn’t any official supported way to Automate PSC AD Integrated identity source in VCSA 6.5u1
In the past in v5.5 / 6.0 or 6.5 that was possible using and however for some reason those utilities are no longer present in 6.5u1 image.
Major pain point for any pod / stack build relying on orchestration! No identity source, prevents from importing users and groups and so on.
The workaround is to spin up VCSA 6.5 GA or earlier and extract:
Once done import into newly deployed 6.5u1 PSC (as a part of the workflow)
Syntax I’m using to built this part into Jenkins orchestration, (PSC is already joined to domain using /opt/likewise/bin/domainjoin-cli)
It throws an error after Identity source configuration but it works!!
I can use my domain creds, I can also remove this identity source using Web Client and re-add it so no stable objects there.
hopefully that help you folks
If someone found other ways to automate it please let me know!

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